Dave Brown is a comedian, designer and photographer best-known for his work with The Mighty Boosh. Dave was part of The Boosh from its inception, his most prominent role is that of Bollo the Gorilla but over the years he has played a multitude of weird and wonderful characters including Joey Moose, Black frost, Hitchers Henchman and Naan bread to name but a few. Dave also choreographed all the dance routines, was involved in the music and designed all of The Mighty Boosh artwork across three seasons of the TV series, a Boosh radio series, Edinburgh & Melbourne Fringe festivals, two sell out national tours plus many gigs and festivals in America.

Dave has also worked with Noel Fielding on two seasons of Channel 4’s Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy both as a character actor (Jeremy Beautiful Chest, Boxfish, Fantasy Block) and as a photographer & graphic designer.

Dave continues to run his own design practice (apeinc.co.uk) working with comedians such as Stewart Lee, Sara Pascoe and Tim Key & as a commercial photographer (davebrownphoto.com). Dave has exhibited photography in London and Europe. He still jumps at any chance to get in a ridiculous costume but only for Noel and Julian.