Tiffany Mink has always been ahead of the curve. Being a fashionista with a passion for all things Disney, Tiffany started Whosits & Whatsits in 2011 (a geek fashion company). Since launching, Tiffany’s designs have been featured in several geek fashion shows and she’s often asked to speak about being a female business owner in the nerd world. Most recently, Tiffany’s passion for fashion helped her win the official Marvel Studio’s DIY Spider-man suit contest.

The merger of her two loves into one company wasn’t enough and soon Tiffany found herself as a partner in the widely popular Disney-related YouTube channel Thingamavlogs (68K subscribers). YouTube proved to be the perfect space for Tiffany and in late 2017 Tiffany launched her own YouTube channel, quickly gaining over 9K subscribers. But YouTube wasn’t the first place Tiffany got comfortable in front of a camera, in 2009 she became the first Vans Warped Tour reporter to do video work “from the pit.”

As a social media influencer, Tiffany loves to share her nerdy side with the world. Never afraid to be herself, Tiffany is inspiring women (and men) everywhere to believe in their dreams. Her favorite Disney movie is Enchanted, her favorite character Robin Hood and she loves vintage denim, velvet and berets.

Instagram: @tiffmink